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Batoto Yetu Portugal’s guided tours, “Discovering Lisbon’s African Heritage”, are now open to the public!

The goal os these tours is to disseminate Lisbon’s African character which is scatttered in a variety of visible and invisible memories and traces today.

The “migration” of African peoples is a permanent element of the History of Portugal since the 6th century. Whether out of their own free will (as the Moors, or Muslim Africans and Arabs, did), “by force” (until the end of the 18th century) or afterwards “by strength” (from late-18th century colonialism to 1974, and the globalized age of today) there were countless African peoples who established themselves in Lisbon.

The presence of these populations was always different than any other: The majority of this most “recent” presence of Africans did not come out of their free will as the Romans, Moors and Arabs.

For centuries, they took on essential tasks but these were also the harshest and most undervalued tasks in society.  Inserted in all fortune-making industries, Africans – enslaved or free – were a structural element of Portuguese urban life.

However, in physical and structural terms, the visibility of their presence in the city is very bleak today, albeit the same is not true genetically and culturally (Fado) .

Let’s rediscover Lisbon’s African heritage together! Reservations are always open and the tours are guided by professors and researchers such as: Isabel Castro Henriques, José Antunes, and members of Batoto Yetu Portugal.

Tuk Tuk Tour
Minimum number of participants: 5
Duration: 2h
Price: €200 (Group up to 5 people), €350 (Group up to 10 people). For larger groups, please contact us for a personalized quote.*

Walking Tour
Minimum number of participants: 2
Duration: 3h
Price: €200 (Group up to 4 people), €300 (Group up to 10 people). For larger groups, please contact us for a personalized quote.*

Available Itineraries:
– Itinerary I: The Riverside
– Itinerary II: City of Hills
– Itinerary III: From Bairro Alto to the Mocambo Quarter
– Personalized itineraries: Personalized itineraries are available for group reservations including elements of the 3 set itineraries (The Riverside, City of Hills, From Bairro Alto to the Mocambo Quarter)

For more information or to make your reservation, contact us.

*Prices subject to change. Please contact us for our most updated quote.


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